The always reliable Stereogum has already said everything that needs to be said about Jónsi‘s new video for Go Do. This wonderful, bird-filled video was filmed in Iceland over the winter – a time when there may only be a few hours of sunlight a day on the small island nation.

Unfortunately, the video seems to have been taken down from it’s host at Pitchfork.  It was up barely long enough for Stereogum to post and tweet about it.  We hope this beautiful music video will be back up before long.


Three weirdos posting under the YouTube user name giraffedance really love Jónsi‘s recent single Boy Lilikoi. Apparently, enough to create an improvised interpretive dance for the song.  Unfortunately, only one of the three members of the giraffedance dance troupe has a beard.

Make sure to check out their page for other gems, including The Album Leaf, David Bowie, Vampire Weekend and more.  And stay tuned for more information on Jónsi‘s upcoming album.

65daysofstatic's studio set-up, as seen on flickr.

Today, in a message to their 65propaganda mailing list, Sheffield-based math/post-rockers 65daysofstatic announced their upcoming album, We Were Exploding Anyway.  With no specific release date other than, “the vaguest of times, THE SPRING,” We Were Exploding Anyway will serve as the long-awaited fourth studio album for 65daysofstatic.  Track list after the jump. Continue Reading »

Happy New Year!  It is the year 2010 and alien technology has taken over the world.  Humans are slaves to machines that replace all the simple things in life with a series of ones and zeros.  I have harnessed the power of this secret formula and cranked out a list of 50 best releases of the year (in alphabetical order).  Here it goes…

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Micro Beards: 15 Dec 2009

With so much new music released every year, it’s hard to keep up.  With Micro Beards, we’re here for your weekly dose of bite-sized reviews both new and old.

This week on Micro Beards:

  • Stereogum Presents… Enjoyed: A Tribute To Björk’s Post
  • Royal Bangs – Let It Beep
  • Sea Wolf – White Water, White Bloom
  • Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind

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The following represents what I consider the top ten albums of the last decade. The decision was beyond hard, but this reflects the albums which hit me the hardest and stuck with me the longest.

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This morning, members of the Sigur Rós mailing list were sent a simple email that said in plain lettering, “www.jonsi.com“.  Following the link leads to what you can easily guess is Sigur Rós vocalist Jónsi Birgisson‘s new personal website.  eighteen seconds before sunrise, the official Sigur Rós website, confirms the undoubted fact that it is Birgisson‘s new site.  For the moment, the site consists of text like that pictured above, and a space to enter your email address to join a mailing list, but the band’s website gives a little more information, stating “go explore and check back over the next few days and beyond as more information is revealed.”

Click around the site for a little surprise.  We here at Years For Beards hope that this means what we are all thinking.  That j sure sounds intriguing…

UPDATE: It’s official (as if it took any real guessing).  All the letter samples are active, and members of the site’s mailing list were sent a free download of the track “boy lilikoi” from Jónsi upcoming solo album.  We here at Years For Beards are very excited by this new track, and we think you will be too.

Click here to download the track.