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LIST 2009: 50 Notable Releases This Year

Happy New Year!  It is the year 2010 and alien technology has taken over the world.  Humans are slaves to machines that replace all the simple things in life with a series of ones and zeros.  I have harnessed the power of this secret formula and cranked out a list of 50 best releases of the year (in alphabetical order).  Here it goes…



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Japandroids - Post-Nothing

PROS: raucous | energetic | organic feel

CONS: raucous | too much effect at times

Japandroids debut album, Post-Nothing, is mindless fun and pure genius. The album is an infinite reincarnation of the loudest and most exciting basement shows and captures the intensity in its overwhelmingly distorted guitar sound and painfully shouted vocals. The equation is as simple as the music itself, guitar riff plus crashing drums plus two sentences that are fun to yell through the course of a three minute track equals Post-Nothing.

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