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Three weirdos posting under the YouTube user name giraffedance really love Jónsi‘s recent single Boy Lilikoi. Apparently, enough to create an improvised interpretive dance for the song.  Unfortunately, only one of the three members of the giraffedance dance troupe has a beard.

Make sure to check out their page for other gems, including The Album Leaf, David Bowie, Vampire Weekend and more.  And stay tuned for more information on Jónsi‘s upcoming album.


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PROS: fan-serving | full-band parts not overdone | heart-felt songs

CONS: not memorable as a whole

If you have heard the name Allison Weiss before, then you probably already know her story.  When she was fifteen, she began playing guitar to impress a boy in her creative writing class.  Several years, a profile on every social networking site you could imagine and eighty-some YouTube videos later, Allison Weiss continues to build an ever-increasing fanbase.  Unfortunately, any fan of hers can tell you that Allison Weiss is most certainly underappreciated.  There is no lack of dedication, talent or heart in the sounds Allison Weiss creates, and it seems as though she just needs a little something to push her over the top.  Her newest release, …Was Right All Along, is a step in the right direction.


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